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This is important and necessary thing to use internet. There are many reasons to use internet always. Every people have different reasons and by the internet they can fulfil their all of the demands. It was not so easy to get information about business and other matters at once. But for the blessings of the Internet this has become easier now a day. Many people visit lot of websites every day and they learn many things which are necessary. Now wireless internet connection is very popular and it is easier to setup a wireless internet connection. There are two types of internet connection but router based wireless internet connection is very popular and it is cheap.
Now in this modern time, people are eager to use all of the latest technology and follow all of the latest trend. This is why, users prefer to use a router and a Wi-Fi connection. It is very annoying if you cannot follow the latest trend now a day. The router is available at cheap price and it is very easy to buy online. However, users should think about the settings and related configuration with the router. It is necessary to learn by the users as if they can solve related problem and setup all setting by themselves.
For the setting for the Wi-Fi in the router, it is necessary to collect default IP address, default username and default password. Most of the popular routers use default IP address but some models of Linksys routers use this IP address as default. Every router has the IP address range and a default IP address remains set up in the router. The default IP address is chosen by the manufacturer. On the browser, users need to type the default IP address on the browser address bar and when the enter button is pressed from the keyboard, then the login screen appears where users need to use the default IP address and password.
The IP address is a private IP address and it is from C class. The IP addresses are found in many from different classes but IP address class C is very popular and the IP address is very popular. Because it is found in many routers. However, the default IP address is and experts suggest not to change the default IP address. Because the default IP address has many uses and it is not only used for login to the router. The main reason of using of the IP address is checking connectivity between the router and computer.
You can change the IP address for any necessary purpose or for the IP address confliction. You should know that if the IP address is from Class C, then you cannot change this part. The default IP address 192.168 indicates the IP address class. The C class IP address starts from to You can set any IP address from this IP address range but if you use anything beyond this range the IP address will warn you and it does not let you save the IP address what you have created. When you get such error message, then you should check the IP address what you have typed.
Checking connection between router and computer is very important thing and there is no way to identify the problem between the router and computer without using the IP address and for your router you need to use IP address The connection can be checked by the ping command and you need to add the IP address. You can use this ping command on the Command prompt page. You can use any ping command “ping” or “ping -t”. The first ping command is called a ping and the second one is called continuous ping command. Using the ping command depends on the purpose and you need to know the how to use.
The default IP address is not necessary to change but if the user face the IP address confliction problem, then the users need to change the default IP address 192.168.10. In this case, users are bound to change the IP address and they have no any way without changing the default IP address. Because until changed of the default IP address, users cannot use internet or Wi-Fi. All of the devices remains block in the same network. When the same IP address runs in the same network in many devices, then the IP address does not response, then users have to change the default IP address and they have no any other way using internet without changing the IP address. Some users have intention to change the default IP address for securing the router, but they should not do thing. Because the default IP address is very important for all of the routers than the manual IP address.
If you have changed the default IP address and setup a manual IP address, manual username and password. Users should keep the default IP address and password in a note for later use. Because if the user cannot login to the router for purposes, then those users have to login to the router by using the default data (IP address, username and password). Users have to reset the router by using the reset button. Then all of those default data will be used for login to the device.
Sometimes some users complain that the default IP address does not response when they use this IP address on the browser address bar. There are many causes the IP address does not work. Firewall may block the IP address along the virus could be the issue that is why, the IP address does not work. Users can change the IP but it will not be a correct solution. They should identify the problem and try to find out the IP address blocking problem. If the IP address is blocked by the firewall, then from the firewall you should unblock it or if the virus could be the reason, then user should scan the computer with latest antivirus. Sometimes network from the control panel cannot identify the IP address, then the users have to set the default IP address in the network of the control panel.
However, everything is very easy and users can identify the problem and manage the router. To do so, users should read the router manual and this article is also useful. So, users can easily identify the problem if they skilled by reading the all of the materials which have come with the device. If the users want to use other websites to learn, then they can do this.